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Four Things You Can Do To a Blank Brick Wall to Improve Ambiance

Who says you can only decorate that big, blank brick wall in your living room with a gallery of photos or art? While there's certainly nothing wrong with hanging framed artwork, there are other ways to make use of that area.

Below, you'll find four things that you can do to a blank brick wall in your home, other than hanging up art, to help improve the ambiance.

Giant Letters or Phrases

Whether it's vintage-style letters or modern, a pair of huge letters on your wall is a nice statement piece. If letters aren't doing it for you, you can also do numbers, or even an entire phrase, like your motto in life, or you and your spouse's mantra. You can try mixing and matching the style of the letters as well to make an even stronger statement.

Hang Something Interesting

By interesting, we don't mean a painting or a photo. Have a look at your garage, attic, storage shed, or even the local junkyard and see what they have. There's a huge chance that you'll find something unique to hang on your walls, like a vintage unicycle, or a car hood, or whatever. You can try hanging a giant minimalist clock if that appeals.

Add Shelves

A house can never have too much shelves if they're designed properly. So long as they appear interesting and are functional, a new set of shelves for books and other items that you might have lying around in your garage could help liven up the ambiance in your house.

Use Accents

You have wall art and wall décor, but what about wall accents? You can plan out a nice pattern on your walls resembling wallpaper. The only difference is that accents, such as those made out of wood, help make your walls pop out even more and add more life to it.

That blank brick wall won't stay like that forever. Not with our tips. Feel free to add your own twist. What's important is that your walls don't end up looking worse or the same bland wall as the result.