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Some places in your home where you might find mold & what to do

It has been documented that mold in our homes can be a hazard to our health.  Mold can be developing in your home without you even realizing it.  A little more exploration is required to spot and fight mold.  


If you have wallpaper that is old or has folded corners, a colony of mold might be forming there.  So maybe it is time to replace it.  If you suspect there is a larger amount behind your wallpaper, hire a professional to remove it.  They will know how to deal with spores flying into the air when they remove all of it. 

Air Conditioners

An A/C unit that does not run for a while might become a breeding home for mold.  Besides this, the unit also sucks in dirt from the outside which helps mold to grow.  To prevent mold from building up, turn on the A/C every day, at least for 10 minutes.  If you have mold in it already, hire a professional to remove it for you. 

Window Sills

Window sills are a favorite place for mold to develop, especially since we do not really pay attention to them. Window sills are frequently exposed to humidity from condensation. Dirt coming from the outside along with the humidity make it very easy for mold to grow.  Be sure to always wipe down the windows if you see condensation and periodically clean dirt from the tracks. 

The Refrigerator

Mold can develop in the drip pans used to collect condensation. This area is usually out of sight and, therefore, out of mind.  However, when there is not much air circulation under the fridge plus the humidity, the growth of mold spores is almost a given. Clean the drip pan once a year with water and vinegar.  If you notice too much mold, increase the cleaning to twice a year.