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British Family Beaten by Gang in Thailand

A British family went on a holiday to Thailand. While there, they were attacked and beaten and they have decided never to return. In order to arrest the attackers, the police posted the CCTV footage on the internet. There were also a number of witnesses. The police found two witnesses who told the police that the gang beat them because they were foreigners.

After getting proof from different sources, the police have said that they have found 4 of the attackers. The gang attack in Thailand was so severe that the victims are still receiving treatment. The victim was the Lewis Owen who sent to Thailand with his parents to celebrate the father’s day. One of the victims told to the police that he used to visit his parents twice a year. He was enjoying the holidays with his parents when the gang attacked them. He said that he will never return to Thailand with his parents. 

The son received 16 stitches in different areas of his head but his father had 6 stitches on his forehead. His mother’s head was completely swollen so the doctors decided to operate to reduce the swelling problem. The victims said that they were completely surprised because there didn’t seem to be any reason for the gang to attack the family and it was just an unreasonable hatred.