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Families - be aware of social media dangers

Social media is no longer something that we do in our spare time; it has became a major part of our lives, and through it we can connect with people around the world. Companies advertise their products via social media, professors help students, couples have discussions with each other, we meet new friends and we apply for jobs. Are there are hidden dangers that families should know about?

To begin with, children should never be allowed to use social networks without the approval of an adult. Even though children, for the most part, have innocent reasons to be online and to use social media, there are many people online who have bad intentions or who are predators. They can pretend to be the same age as your child and convince him to share personal details or worse.

Not everyone on the internet is friendly. Cyber bullying is more dangerous than we think, and many teenagers and children suffer for years because of this. Because it does not happen in reality, the parents don’t take it seriously so they can’t help their children move on and find their strength again. It is easy for predatory people to gain the trust of young children on the Internet, and we should take every measure and precaution to make sure this does not happen.

You cannot stop your child from using social media, since the internet is everywhere around us. What you can do is to explain to them that not everyone is their friend and that they should never talk to someone they did not personally know before. Setting some strict rules from the beginning will keep them safe and not in danger. Explain, in no uncertain terms, that whatever they post on social media is there forever and cannot be un-posted.