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Violence in Family

Although family is supposed to be our shelter from anything bad, sometimes the situation in the family is not very good, or we can freely say very bad.
You can often find family members being tortured by other family member, in most cases women and children, and sadly they often don’t do anything about that.
Sometimes you can live with someone who acts normally and calmly and then suddenly snaps and hit you or the one you love.

Often people who act violently think that it is the right way and that they are entitled to do whatever they want.
Then you have group of people who cannot easily control their temper and impulses, that’s why you always must know the reason for that kind of behavior.
So in case you live with someone who is aggressive or is torturing you or someone you love in any kind of way, you must act and do everything you can to protect yourself and keep your family safe.

Silence doesn’t solve anything, neither does fear, so don’t be afraid to act. It doesn’t mean that you should act aggressive too, but there are some things you can do that can help you to be safe and sound.

You should make a plan that can help you in any threatening situation:
1. You should talk to your friends and think about the signal you will make once you get in a dangerous situation, just to let them know, so that they can help you.
2. If you cannot do it, then call the police right away
3. Think about the exist or a secret place you can use in case you get stuck in any problematic situation