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The Green Shack Deli App

Hunger pangs can make most of us very irritable. It is at such times that the Green Shack deli App comes to the rescue!


A restaurant and its long waiting line is the last place you want to be when you are ravenously hungry and you only have so much time for your lunch break. But, the long lines put you off. The restaurant is crowded and you are in a hurry to be on your way.


No more worries! All you have to do is download the Green Shack deli App.


No more waiting in the line at the Green Shack. You can order the sandwich or salad directly on the phone from your home, the office or from the bus or car.


Order and customize your sandwich and it will be ready and waiting when you reach the Green Shack or you can have it delivered. You have to just pay for it. As easy as that! It is bliss at your fingertips!



This new Green Shack deli App is user-friendly and ordering has become child’s play. You can share special instructions and tips in seconds. You will be notified by push messages as soon as the order is ready. Your order will be saved for future reference too.


The features are:

  • Full menu access.
  • Order ahead.
  • Access saved messages.
  • View past orders.
  • Location of the restaurant.
  • Working Hours and contact details.


The Green shack Deli App is compatible with iPhone and iPad and iPad touch, and Android 4.0.