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Carbon Engineering’s Technology to Remove CO2 in Air Called Direct Air Capture

There is growing concern about the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a gas linked to the increased global temperatures. Countries are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and this has led to new technologies and a shift from the traditional way of life. As the world seeks to be eco-friendly, one of the most notable technologies that seek to expel carbon dioxide from the air is Direct Air Capture, a technology developed by Carbon Engineering.

Direct Air Capture (DAC)

CARBON Engineering (CE) built the Direct Air Capture technology in a bid to halt the acceleration of climate change, and it converts the carbon captured from the air into clean and safe carbonless fuel. Founded in 2009 by David Keith, a geophysicist from Harvard alongside Bill Gates, and Norman Murray Edwards, the oil sands businessman, Carbon Engineering’s the DAC technology can decarbonize air on a largescale.

With the technology, Carbon Engineering is extracting a ton of carbon dioxide from the air per day, which used to be released back into the air during the testing phase of the technology. However, a partnership with Greyrock, Carbon Engineering is now making diesel-gasoline using the captured carbon dioxide and hydrogen from water in a process dubbed Air to Fuel (A2F).

Should the process be scaled up successfully, A2F can harness intermittent renewable electricity for commercial and domestic use that is cheaper than the options available on the market today. The technology will eradicate fossil fuels from transportation, which is the biggest contributor of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and will also be an alternative to biofuels.

The aim to capture carbon dioxide from the air is to drive the synthesis of liquid fuels compatible with the current batch of modern engines and infrastructure as well as help shape the fuels of the future. Thus far, Carbon Engineering has a mission to educate people on the harmful effects of carbon and they would rather the production of carbon dioxide ceased than spending millions removing it from the air.