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Hydrostor has Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage Technology

Hydrostor developed an Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage Technology, or A-CAES, to provide a cheap bulk energy storage solution. A-CAES is a green technology that utilizes an emission-free process. The storage facilities can be placed anywhere and can be used to store energy generated by wind or solar generators.


Hydrostor’s proprietary technology is the answer to alternative energy producers are looking for. It optimizes solar and wind power plants by allowing them to store energy and use them on demand. It also improves the plant’s distributed renewable generation because it uses a single storage resource. It is the perfect solution for off-grid locations, micro-grids, or islands.


The Green Energy Storage Solution


The process doesn’t produce any emission that’s harmful to the environment. It can store up to 100 MW. The best thing about Hydrostor’s A-CAES is that it uses the existing infrastructure of coal plants. There’s no need to build new facilities to construct the energy storage tanks. It is the most cost-efficient way of replacing diesel generation with renewable energy sources.


A-CAES requires small surface area and can be installed even in densely populated areas without worrying about pollutants. It offers flexible generation and dependable backup power for critical infrastructure and areas.


A-CAES works by converting electricity into compressed air. The compressed air stream is pressurized and then stored. The system captures the heat from the compression process and stored. This improves the efficiency of the system and eliminates the need for more heat from fossil fuel.


The compressed air is stored in Hydrostor’s Accumulators. The type of accumulator depends on the location of the system. To generate electricity, the system will reverse the airflow to allow pressure to send air back to the surface. The stored heat is also brought back into the stream. The hot air goes through a turbo expander that turns a generator and converts energy into electricity.