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Toronto Hydro Converts Street Lights to LED

It's no secret that more and more homes are switching to LED lights to light up their houses all over the world, and why not? While more expensive compared to traditional light bulbs, LED bulbs eventually pay for themselves in a couple of years, which is why it's not surprising that many cities are starting to switch  to LED lighting in order to save money down the line.

LED bulbs consume as much as 60 per cent less power compared to the high pressure sodium lamps used in most city street lights.

Toronto Hydro was one of the first to test fitting LED lights into street lighting in the city a few years ago. At first, 150 LED street lights were tested and that would later become a "full citywide rollout" if successful, but so far, that has yet to happen. However, it's not exactly a small task when you think about the fact that Toronto alone has 170,000 street lights to change, not including park and parking lot lights.

Put simply, Toronto Hydro has their work cut out for them.

As for converting street lights to LED, it seems like the trend is starting to pick up in neighboring municipalities. This shouldn't be surprising, though. The savings cost is just too high to pass up. In addition, they're "dark sky-friendly" which helps reduce light pollution and allow light to reach the pavement surface. Besides the energy savings benefits, LED lights are more reliable and cost less in terms of maintenance. Furthermore, the price of LED lights has gone down considerably over the past few years and could become even cheaper in the next few years.