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Eight Helpful Hints From

By the year 2016, basically every business or entrepreneur has a website. But how do you get one? Who builds them and keeps them running? Most of us can operate a computer, but for the tricky stuff, we hire someone who knows the biz. This is where comes in. According to Wikipedia, is “an Internet service that offers paid space for Web sites. It was founded in 1996 and was originally a combination Web site building and medical transcription service. Eventually the site dropped the transcription service and focused solely on Web site hosting, offering only paid memberships”. Now this sounds just wonderful. However, Angelfire has had some pretty nasty reviews. One article written about Angelfire actually refers to it as a joke and brings up its supposed beginnings as the 1999 Angelfire page that belonged to Mark Zuckerberg. For those of you who might live under a rock, Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. This means this could be the very first website that the ‘boy’ who created Facebook ever made. If true, it's a time machine into the 15-year-old brain of the most powerful man on the Internet, and also quite embarrassing.

None the less, I was able to dig out one somewhat useful page that is ‘managed’ by Angelfire. This user, aka “joydoctor”, has given us creative ways to repurpose household items… as if we couldn’t find this on Pinterest. Still, kudos to joydoctor for trying. So here are some helpful hints for anyone who wants to give it a shot.

    Buy a 5 or 10 lb. pkg. of unflavored instant grits and sprinkle them lightly around wherever the ants have built their colonies. They will flock to the grits immediately, eat them, and the grits will make the ants implode and destroy them.
    Add 1 cup white distilled vinegar to your automatic drip coffee pot to clean it out. Rinse well with a pot of cold, clean water.
    If you have pots that have blackened because you boiled water in them, soak the pots in water to which you add 2 denture tablets. Let them soak overnight. The pot should be clean in the morning. Wash before using.
    To clean bottles or thermos bottles: put 2 tsp. baking soda and some hot water in the bottle. Cap and shake. Let sit overnight to clean. Rinse well the next morning.
    To clean greasy, grimy hands, pour some olive oil over them, and rub your hands together. Take some paper towels and wipe off the gook. If they aren't clean yet, simply repeat the process until they are. Then to remove the olive oil run some very warm water over your hands and dry your hands with a paper towel.
    Mayonnaise will remove scuff marks.
    Use a can of soft drink to clean your toilet bowl. Let stand for 20 min. Brush and flush.
    Use a large garbage bag as strong as you can find. Cut out a place in the middle for your head and one place on each side for your arms to go through. Slip it on and you have a smock to paint in or work in without messing up your clothes.

Good Luck!