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Getting ready to be grandparents

For many seniors, becoming a grandparent is a fantastic reward. It brings back nostalgia of raising your own children, and allows you to bond with another generation of your family. Grandchildren can also keep you active and involved, as they require a lot of attention but return it tenfold in terms of joy and happiness.

So what are some things to keep in mind as you make this transition? For starters, make sure you plan accordingly. This is easier if you live in the same area as the parents. If not, you’ll want to schedule your year around the due date, and fly out to visit when the parents are ready. A grandparent can be a huge asset to parents in the early stages of the child’s life, providing an experienced and nurturing babysitter who can provide a much needed break. However, it’s important to communicate and make sure you’re helping more than intruding, as new parents need alone time too.

Grandparents are also notorious for wanting to spend money on their grandchildren. It’s likely that the baby has a lot of supplies and clothes from friends and other family, so check in with the parents first before making any big ticket purchases.

Finally, if you plan to be a regular babysitter, it might be a good idea to take a class and get up to speed. Doctors have learned a lot over the last few decades regarding what’s safe and unsafe for babies. Progress is a good thing, so take to the new inf