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How to learn everything about computers?

Computers are our future and it is a real “handicap” if you have no knowledge about them. A lot of companies hire people with at least some basic knowledge about computers, but if you know even more you are in great advantage.
We know that not everyone was born to be “a computer geek” but since today you cannot practically live without them, it is good to know at least something about computers.
We will give you our list of things you need to know or to do, you don’t have to know every single thing from that list, but at least something.
1. First and foremost you should know what hardware is. It is a physical thing that makes up the computer and by using it you can connect one computer to another.
2. Then we have software, the second most important thing when it comes to computers. Software makes your computer work and it presents some applications, programs and of course the operating system.
3. When you decide to buy one, you should consult with someone about the specifics of your computer. It is extremely important, because in that way you will be able to know what kind of machine you are getting.
4. One of the best ways to learn about computers is to ask someone for help or simply observe someone while they are working on their computer.
In that way you will be able to learn so many things, which is very useful.
5. In the beginning it is important to know to at least install some programs and applications and to surf the internet. Those are the basics and something you should definitely know.


Posted by Kelly Hunter 8/19/15