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How do you know if your house needs a new roof?

There are many hints about whether to fix your roof or get a new roof altogether. You might assume that you will need to first get on the roof and check it out, but no. The first thing to do is to look into your attic. Take a flashlight and go right in to see if there are any beams of light coming through, or if there are any stains that signal a leaky roof.

Next, check your house paper work. It should tell you the exact time when the roof was installed, or repaired, or reshingled, all of which have a lifetime expectancy. Typically, roofs with asphalt shingles need replacing every 20 years or so.

Now is the time to get on the roof and check the condition of the shingles, especially if there was a recent storm. The shingles must lie flat on the roof, if they are curling then they need replacing. Often the shingles that receive the most heat from the sun will start breaking down and curling first. Perhaps only a portion of the roof needs repair. Look into the gutters for shingle-granules. If you see too many then it’s definitely time for replacement.

Is your roof sagging in some areas? This is a sign of rotting sheeting and rotting rafters which invites bacteria and mold.

Do you have moss growing on your roof? This is a clear sign of impending doom as moss signifies dampness lingering on the roof. Stiff brushes can clear it away temporarily, but you will need to think about replacement if there is just too much moss to handle.