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Instructions for installing laminate flooring yourself

  1. First remove any carpeting or previous flooring, such as lino or tiles. Once you have done this, make sure the floor is flat, clean, and level.  Remove anything protruding (nails, staples). Use a pry bar to remove the tack strips if you had a carpet.
  2. To give it a nice touch, it is best to trim around doorways than to trim the flooring. When you are installing the flooring, this will slip under the trim you made, giving it a nicer and cleaner look.
  3. Depending on where you live, you should install a moisture barrier or underlay. This will absorb the humidity. If the subfloor is concrete, then you definitively need to install a moisture barrier.
  4. Place the flooring materials inside and let them stay in the room for at least 72 hours. This will help the flooring adapt to the conditions of the room it is going to be installed in.
  5. Decide which way you want the flooring to run – down the length of the room or across the room. Now it is time to place the first row of planks with the tongue-side facing the wall, place the first row of planks. Place the second plank end to end next to the first one and make it fit into the groove and snap it together. Allow a 3/8 in separation between the planks and the wall. A supply of spacers will be provided in the kit. This is to allow for expansion when days become hot and/or humid.
  6. If you have to cut a section to end the row, begin the next row with the left-over piece. This will make all the plants will be staggered.
  7. The second row must be placed right next to the first one. Keep adding planks until you complete the flooring.  As with the first row, you will probably have to cut off any remaining plank at the end of the room.