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Three home improvements you can do yourself

Every year most people start thinking about ways to improve their home - something new and fresh, but without having to hire a contractor, which can be very expensive.

To save some money and effort, you can do some simple things by yourself. Don’t worry; even if you don’t have experience, you will still be able to handle these ideas:

  • Paint the walls. This sounds very difficult and time-consuming, but it’s not. Nowadays, it’s easy to find easy-to-apply paint or a one-coat paint, and you don’t need any special tool or skills. There are special tapes on the market that allow you to make perfect edges and lines with no bleeding. There are videos online to give you advice and the courage to tackle the job yourself. Actually, if you can convince your family to help you, the job can be done in one or two days. Don’t forget to cover the furniture with paper or sheets; it’s impossible to remove paint stains from wood and carpet.
  • Change some of the pictures and paintings. A big painting can change a room, especially if the other walls are empty. You have the freedom to choose whatever look you want, but pay attention to the color; you want to make sure that the painting matches the furniture in the room. There are products on the market that do not require nails and making new holes in the walls. Put the paintings in strategic places. This will make a great difference and a major improvement!
  • Change some old pieces of furniture. Normally, if you want to repair or change a couch you would go to a specialist. However, there are so many tutorials and instructions on the internet that this is not necessary anymore. You can change the covers with a modern print to create a different color scheme. There are specialty spray paints for wood which can be applied without having to strip and sand. This cuts down on the time and mess to change the look of some of the furniture.