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Three ideas to add curb appeal to your home.

How your home looks from the curb is an important aspect especially if you are considering selling. If you manage to impress people with it, they will be eager to see what awaits them inside. The outside of your home, including the yard needs constant attention.

There are so many ideas that will help you add curb appeal to your home. We have narrowed it down to three that we think will attract attention.

The door

The door is a very important piece in your home. It is the first thing people look at, obviously.  The first thing you need to do is give it a new coat of paint. You can even find a mobile app that will let you have a look at how your new door can enhance the front of the house. If painting is not in your budget give it a good scrubbing with a mild cleaner. 

Other great ideas include cleaning the door hardware and install a stylish door knocker.


Plants will always spruce up the appearance of your home. There are so many ideas on how to place plants in your front yard and entrance way. Place them in layers in order to provide depth. Choose some plants for the greenery and some that flower. You can also add some hanging plants or even a stylish vertical planter. 

Hide visually unappealing area

Use plants to hide unwanted visuals. If your A/C unit can be seen, conceal it by surrounding it with plants. Camouflage the ugly electrical boxes by painting them the same color as the rest of the house.