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Five decorating tips from

Decorating can be an amazing experience of expression. Often, the subtleties behind the task are what separate the results. This could be anything from paint costs, strategies, or deals on equipment. Thankfully, sites like offer many ways to assist the do-it-yourselfer. The site has professional design opinions and strategies and posts them for others to learn and try. These resources can be the difference maker in your next decoration project to liven up your home. These tips are most effective for the summer, and just in time!

  1. Move your artwork around and hang it in different rooms. Sometimes all it takes is a new setting to let you see and enjoy a beautiful painting all over again.”
  2. “Give your bathroom a seasonal feel by adding brightly colored towels, summery-scented soaps, and displays of starfish or shells in small dishes.”
  3. “Wicker furniture can be rejuvenated with a gentle scrub, using dish soap and water. Apply a new coat of paint using a spray can or by brush and it’ll look brand new.”
  4. “Chinese lanterns are a longstanding patio favorite. You can buy plastic ones wired with LED’s that are safer and much more durable than the classic rice-paper and votive candle versions.”
  5. “Rub tung oil on fine outdoor wood furniture, such as teak, to clean and revive its look.”

In combination, these tips can certainly leave your home more tailored to the season. The site offers these insights and many others on a wide variety of design ideas.